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The Blackberry Galette – Thoughts of Summer

I was in the grocery store yesterday picking up a few things while our city was bracing for yet another winter storm. As I was making my way through the produce section, I glanced up and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted what looked like blackberries. Knowing that couldn’t really be true, I moved in that direction and was pleased and surprised to see little packages of the sweet fruit stacked up together. Bundled up in my winter garb I was, just for a second, transported to sunnier and warmer thoughts.

I gingerly picked them up for closer examination. They looked and smelled, how should I say, perfect. While the price was close to the cost of buying fine wine, gold and rare jewels, I could not stop thinking about the luxury of biting into my favorite blackberry galette amidst a winter storm.  So I bought them, and today I made my favorite summer dessert.

I wrote a blog this past summer and gave the recipe for an updated version of my grandmother’s blackberry cobbler. So if you want the recipe, click here and you will be transported back to the summer months where blackberries were plentiful, the days were long and hot and I was baking blackberry galette.


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