Kitchenarian Road Trip – The Magic Continues

December 24, 2010

Disney World is such an amazing place to be. During the day, Cinderella’s castle is the focal point of the Magic Kingdom. Majestic and beautiful, it seems to watch over everyone. But when the sun goes down, the castle becomes magical… Merry Christmas!

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Kitchenarian Road Trip – An Afternoon In Morocco

December 23, 2010

Yesterday we spent the day in Epcot.  After spending fourteen hours in the Magic Kingdom the previous day, I would say our day in Epcot went at more of a leisurely pace.  While different groups headed in various directions to ride some of Epcot’s attractions, a small group leisurely strolled around the world visiting the […]

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Kitchenarian Road Trip – Disney’s Gingerbread House

December 22, 2010

If you have ever visited Disney around the holidays, you probably already know about the Grand Floridian’s Gingerbread House; what an amazing sight. Friends had told us this was a must-see event on our trip and so one afternoon we went to the resort to see for ourselves. It is a beautiful house and the […]

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Kitchenarian Road Trip – Dining With the Dinosaurs

December 20, 2010

I promised to bring you along on my holiday road trip. Disney World is such a magical place. My family, all 13 of us, have settled down for the week in Orlando. We arrived in four cars bringing lots of luggage, a crazy amount of food, holiday decorations and one Christmas tree to make our […]

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From the Recipe Box: Spritz Cookies

December 18, 2010

My grandmother made spritz cookies. While she baked many wonderful treats, I consider this her signature cookie. I think she must have made thousands of them every year. Whenever I would visit her she would always send me home with a container of spritz cookies. She kept them in her freezer and was always prepared […]

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Spiced Butter Glazed Carrots ~ French Fridays With Dorie

December 17, 2010

I think that carrots get a bad rap when it comes to vegetables. People don’t seem to get very excited about this root vegetable and I don’t understand why. Dressed in the beautiful color of orange, nothing brightens up your plate quite like a bunch of carrots. Served with either red meat, poultry or fish, […]

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From the Recipe Box: Peppermint Bark

December 16, 2010

Peppermint bark is a traditional holiday treat in our house. Sous Chef and I usually make it together and we give it to friends throughout the holidays. When we run out, we just make more! This really isn’t cooking; this is melting and pouring and it is so much fun. Ingredients: 1 – 1 1/2 […]

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An Update From the Kitchen

December 15, 2010

I have been out of the kitchen for a few days as I have been working, shopping, lunching with friends and decorating the house – making preparations for the holiday. As I have been writing blogs on behalf of my clients, I have had visions of sugar plums dancing in my head and panettone and […]

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A Book for A Cook

December 12, 2010

Who doesn’t love a good cookbook? It has something for everyone. Wonderful drawn out detailed descriptions for the romantic at heart, lots of math and measurements for the scientifically inclined, and lots and lots of beautiful pictures for that artistic soul more inspired by pictures than by words. Here is a list of my favorite […]

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Sweet & Spicy Cocktail Nuts ~ French Fridays with Dorie

December 10, 2010

This is my first official post after joining French Fridays with Dorie. Before I talk about the first recipe that I made from this cookbook, I should give you a little background. On December 1st, I joined this cooking club and ordered my book on-line. I was so excited! I could hardly wait to see […]

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