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A Kitchenarian Favorite: Wooden Hive

I love cookware, I love knives and I love dishes, but I also have a fondness for vintage items. Recently while shopping on-line, I ran across a company, Wooden Hive, that offers vintage silverware that has been re-designed for multiple uses from ornaments to garden markers to, yes, even silverware.

I fell in love with everything in this shop and am so happy to be able to share it with you.  All of Kerrie Balma’s items are personalized commemorating some of life’s most precious events including weddings, holidays and the joyous birth of new babies.  You can order vintage silverware and have it personalized for any occasion that is guaranteed to be a family favorite for generations.  Here is a business that thrives on catering to each and every customer; such an old-fashioned concept!

If you want to give someone a gift this holiday season that is truly unique, then take a look at Kerrie’s shop, Wooden Hive, on Etsy.com

It’s a Kitchenarian favorite.

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