The Kitchenarian

Hi. I am Lorie, known here as The Kitchenarian. I live with my family in Virginia and work as a freelance writer. The Kitchenarian is a personal journal documenting my life in and around the kitchen with my family and friends.

I grew up in a southern town. Whenever family and friends gathered, food was always the guest of honor. I learned to cook from my mom who was never afraid to use new ingredients or try new recipes. Because of this, I am fearless in the kitchen thinking I can make anything as long as I read the directions carefully.  While this does not always work out for me, I still persevere! I have no official culinary training, just a love of food and a willingness to experiment in the kitchen.

I have worked at jobs whose focus was on marketing and business management, but I spent most of my career working in kitchen retail stores. As a store manager for Sur la Table, I was immersed in product knowledge and surrounded by the best kitchen equipment. Previous to that, I worked at Williams-Sonoma as a manager. Thanks to both of them and their generous employee discount, I own much of what you see in their stores! I now work from home as a writer and social media manager.

I love cookware, dishes, and great kitchen tools. I have an insanely crazy collection of kitchen knives. I have a weakness for vintage dishes, linens and silverware. I drink a lot of coffee and I love wine. I love cooking and I love eating great foods.

I live with my husband and three children in the country with 3 cats and 1 dog. I dream of being a great cook and photographer. I have taken all the pictures posted on this blog, unless otherwise noted.

This blog is a pictorial journal of my life in and out of the kitchen. Welcome.

Sous Chef

My daughter, Sous Chef, is a contributing writer. She is a young college student studying English, art history and independence in an east coast university far from home.  A gifted writer and a great baker, having her write with me seems as natural as having her in the kitchen cooking by my side, something we have done together for years.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will stay for a while.

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